Los Angeles as a site: 
for reasons of cultural play and intersectionality
the intersecting and overlapping of multiple identities in the the city provide for a host of to social playscapes 

Olvera street is the core of the thesis project, a central hub playscape. Olvera Street is the oldest part of Downtown Los Angeles often referred to as “the birthplace of LA.” Although it does sit on Gabrieleno/Tongva Nation land which were the orginal settlers. It is now a Mexican cultural marketplace standing as LAs cultural center and heart. The merced theather and Pico house also sit in the site. The Theather was the first building in Los Angeles constructed for the theatre arts and is currently one of the oldest surviving structures in the city. the building offered a safe gathering place to LGBTQ individuals through its hosting of masked balls. At these costumed balls, LGBTQ individuals were able to socialize with one another under the safety of their concealed identities. The Pico House was built by Pío Pico, last governor of California under Mexican rule. This was the first three story building and the first grand hotel in Los Angeles. Remnants of program gathered from the existing site and context, offer a mere suggestion of what the space can be used for and rather an open interpretation of what it can be used for.

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