three. a furniture study

This design experiment alters preexisting objects into a more playful manner. In the formal exploration of furniture, this design study attempts to create a playful furniture structure that suggests a place of leisure activities called “This is your new playground”.

It is a place for hardworking people who think they aren’t allowed to play anymore to take a weekend off, make the day into a kid-free day, or parent-free day, sip on some fruity cocktails, and stop trying to be so perfect. Traditional furniture pieces have been altered to allow for new affordances and an appearance similar to that of a playground. This piece is a reminder to maintain fun play in our daily lives. The study is combination of different play structures that work as separate furniture pieces, and then combine to form a collection of different identities into a new spatial playground. These individual pieces have been given new looks but offer the same function as the parent furniture. For example, a traditional bathroom tub has turned into a ball pit, a traditional staircase or stepping stool has turned into a slide.


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