Twister (By Other Means) is a super urban transit system, a train network that utilizes the structure of existing buildings in order to traverse the city. The project anticipates the banning of land sales between religious groups in Beirut, and it imagines that land rights and air rights might begin to be sold separately. 

The result is a new kind of vertical zoning that intersect the existing zoning. It allows one biya to literally cross over another rather than move through it. In the diagram, infrastructure funded by Hezbollah crosses over a Christian residential building. The project does not try to change the way people in Beirut live; this system does not force people of different biya to live heterogeneously. It maintains the distinctions between biya that characterize the city. 

What it also does, however, is superimpose different biya geographically, and in doing so, it protects people. If war breaks out between the Meronite Church and Hezbollah, for example, the Church won’t bomb this building because it is full of their people. Hezbollah won’t bomb the building because their transit system relies on its structure. The people in the building are made safer by this geographic entanglement.