four. funtiques

The For reasons of cultural play and intersectionality. The intersecting and overlapping of multiple identites in the city provide for a host to social playscapes. Locations of intersectional significance in los angeles, locations such as Weho that is host to LAs Pride, Grand Central Market a integral market representing LAs history of  its Latinx community. These playcapes spread across LA and become representative to the location it is taking guest in.  

The first playscape is located in Will Rogers State beach, a queer friendly beach in Santa Monica. This scheme takes a look at the use of a beach floatie as its main theme. With the floatie becoming an tool for play, by offering a tactile experience, multiple affordances and user appropriation.

The next playscape is the mercadito in Boyle Heights, an indoor Mexican marketplace. The theme of this scheme being fruity cocktails. The users have a site for purchasing, selling, and eating market goods. Formal expressions of human body placement within fruit cavities create a game of sorts, along with lounging and leisure areas.

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