Author: Benny Encinas
Year: 2021
Pages: 47
Language: English
Published: June 2021


    The future of movie theatres as we know may be in jeopardy. The energy of a crowd held together by the singular commonality of anticipation and enjoyment to see a film for the first time is a special feeling that cannot be replicated at home. With the growing production and exhibition of movies through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, and other pirated sites that offer cheaper and easier viewing methods of movie watching encouraging the individual of a home viewing experience.

    However, in an era dominated by social division, the public sharing of experiences with strangers offers a form of communal experience that holds increasing value. In order to recapture the appeal of the social setting of the cinema, it must offer a form of experience that surpasses those available within the home.

    This thesis will therefore demonstrate a new typology of a cinema space that employs virtual reality and other technologies to create attractive forms of immersive experience, in order to re-establish the publics desire for communal interaction.