“play is not a childlike answer,
it is instead our truths and reality”
Play is a tactic for negotiating a reality that unlocks our identities and desires. When navigating everyday circumstances, play can resemble the “undirected” actions of our happiness. However, insofar as play is an enactment of a desire that is otherwise unfulfilled by our everyday lives, it can be seen to have a critical dimension.

Since the act of play constructs a space within which aspects of reality are suspended or transformed, it is often mistakenly characterized as an escape from reality rather than a conscious virtualization of it. In fact, play is a necessary aspect of reality, and is crucial to enabling the speculation of new conditions of reality. This means that play can have a profound impact on the a society’s  spaces, and the actions and experiences of its individuals.

In the context of our studio, we’ve explored the philosophy of play in relation to architecture’s potential to expand public space as a cultural spatial playscape, which can allow for the emergence of identity development and interaction that allows societal norms to be interrogated, transgressed, or redefined. We’ve also explored this philosophy in redefining otherwise neglected/underused public spaces to allow for moments of rest, time to daydream, and provide new perspectives on the everyday mundane.  In addition to these methods, play has been explored on a smaller scale through flexible spaces that afford users the agency to transform architectural forms and spaces in accordance with individual desires, instead or in spite of cultural norms and expectations.

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