Proposed Site Analysis: Pollution problem

    In the 1950s, the Golden State Freeway was built against its western boundary. The freeway has brought allot of pollution runoff into the lake causing fish in lake to die. making lake hazardous to swim in as well and go fishing like it used to be for many years. The city is looking into strategies to help rehabilitate the lake, by getting rid of the polluted water from lake and filtering it , and stop the freeway water runoff from running into the lake. Currently the lakes edge connecting it to the paved walkway is rocks which does stop a little of the runnoff but it is still able to filter its way into the lake. there is alot of algae build up in the lake for this reason. The combination of oil gass from cars on the interstate running into the lake by the rains has damaged the beautifule image and connection that the park has to the community with the lake. where people are only aloud to picnic and visit the park but not engage with the lake completely.