Flavors Orchard Competition
Kunming, Yunnan Province 2014
Architect: Vincent Callebaut

     Vincent Callebaut is a Belgian Architect based in Paris, That does alott of competition projects that involve eco friendly innovational designs. The Flavor Orchard project being one of them, which is an urban settelment that integrates various advantages of the city and countryside. It has a smart building AI system that runs a intelligent power grid. From this project I am interested in the way he formed the ramp up the building to the top. 

Cita Della Scienza
Rome, Italy 2015 Competition
Architect: Vincent Callebaut

     This project was an intention of transforming the military district into a self sufficient urban ecosystem. The roofs of the structure are new grounds of a green city. Where This project is another good reference for sloping the landscape up the building such as the one above. It shows the way the building integrates with the site as if it comes out of the ground.

Busan Cinema Center -
Busan, South Korea 2012
Architects: Coop Himmelblau

    The Busan Cinema center, building is used for the Busan International film festival to be held in. The design intersects the public space, cultural programs, entertainment, technology and Architecture which creates a vibrant specular within the landscape. For my Design project I am interested in its use of LED Vibrant colors that it utilizes on the facade of structure, acting as a virtual sky cantileaver with no columns. The program has an exterior outdoor cinema space for outdoor viewing.