Removing Capitalism - Super Volcanic Solution

In order to explore a situation where the relationship between daydreaming and architecture can thrive, I find it necessary to create an environment to work in that is free from capitalism so as to help create a scenario where some of the initial stigma of daydreaming is removed. Thus I will be exploring daydreaming and architecture in a post apocalyptic setting created by a super volcanic eruption, an anarcho-communist approach.

Yellow Stone National Park is home to a super volcano capable of destroying Wyoming and its neighboring states if it were to erupt. While the chances of this happening are miniscule, the last time this happened was thousands of years ago, it’s hard to not wonder what the outcome of such a disaster might be. The blast alone would severely disrupt the surrounding landscape through earthquakes, pyroclastic flows, and landslides. The ash from the blast will cover the sky and spread across the country, resulting in global average atmospheric cooling, weather disruption, animal casualties, human casualties, plant damage, infrastructural and structural damage.