It used to be that hopping layers was as harmful as jaywalking.  That was before the big Update. Now there’s threshold everywhere. Seriously, you move a pinky toe and now your foot’s being processed by three different boundary zones. Even with the best processors you can’t override that in real time, unless you stop moving every half second to recompute—like a breathing glitch. Plus, they programmed a new tag for when you hop layers without being processed. So what’s the point of going stealth when you’re a red flag at the same time? The first time was embarrassing as hell. The tag bounced off my skull fifteen meters high: “ATTEMPTED OVERRIDE ATTEMPTED OVERRIDE ATTEMPTED OVERRIDE.” Such bullshit. Makes it so easy for them to pick you up now. Hardly even get off their ass anymore. Just wait around for a tag to fly up and stalk it. Anyway, it’s huge revenue for the system. I usually just take up labor contracts to pay it off. Honestly though, if they offered me a stalking contract, I’d take it in a second. How fun would that be, huh? Scaring the shit outta jaywalkers. Hey, you got another smoke?