snakes, caterpillars, and whatnot

    This “kit-of-parts” of both ambiguous and indeterminate pieces allow different users to see the parts in different ways — one might see a couch, or a set of pillows, a chair, or snakes — aligning to the first meaning of open work. The piece goes beyond just interpretation when the user can actually act on what they envision and impose their own ideas on the furniture.

    The objects have some suggested arrangements and activities, queued by the way in which some forms imply their uses: one fits roughly the other, one can lay on top of the other, a hole can act as a cup holder, a flat surface can act as a table. This would then align with the freedom of choice idea, in which an ambiguous piece can be used in a definite number of ways, envisioned by the designer.

    A freedom of expression is then achieved through the use of 2 strategies, the use of vague, amorphous shapes (in contrast to those ambiguous and somewhat prescriptive) and excessive-performance (one piece can act as multiple things, but it can also perform in ways that are not related to their form), this is enhanced by movements and cuts were made with little to no care for how they were going to be used, leaving it to the user to interact with them the way they see fit.