Vellum Project
  The application of Bioluminescence was tested within the design of a transluscent fiberglass chair. Hollow transluscent construction of this chair gives the ability to be filled with salt water and live plankton mixture. When aggetated with an internal air pump, the water inside the chair will bubble and circulate within, causing the plankton to glow in bioluminescence within the chair. Where the concept of form of the project derives from the fluidity of a jellyfish or squid, transluscent, glowing and fluid.

Build Instructions

Step 1:    Sculpting the chair where the water will be placed with a foam structure by glueing Foam together then carving the form. then sand smooth.

Step 2:
  Brush on some sealer over the sanded sculpted form of the foam.

Step 3
  Brush some layers of fiberglass over the form, make sure spread out eavenly around the form. until you get the desired thickness.

Step 4:   After dries sand the fiberglass smooth.

Step 5:   Drill a hole somewhere on the top of chair backing  for where the water can be poured into the chair 1” diameter.

Step 6:     Pour Nail polish acetone remover inside to start removing the foam structure within the fiberglass. and pour out the residue formed. after all foam melted out then clean out with water with little vinegar to get rid of little smudges or residue on fiberglass.

Step 7:
  Insert the clear tubing for the air pump aparatus within the interior and connect to the aparatus to be placed on back of chair and screwed on to top where hole was placed.

Step 8:
  Fill the chair with salt water and live plankton mixture. then close cap and turn on air pump aparatus