Site Analysis: Hollenbeck Park,

Boyle Heights, CA

    The site chosen for the project is in the city of Boyle Heights. which is also sometimes known as part of East LA. The city has a majority of its residents being of minority race. Hispanic being the majority in the area now. The climate is semi temperate with slight hot and humid temperatures. Temperatures in the region tend to stay within the averages with long durnial hours. Which is a great site to impliment some passive design strategies. Most of the prevailing winds as well tend to come from the south direction ranging from SW to SE direction. The site is populated with alott of trees providing shade and strong wind protection. However the west side of site has a massive noise polution from the main Interstate HWY, where an implimentation of more trees to buffer the noise slightly may be needed.                        

   The site has a gradual slope down towards the lake from each direction. ranging from 2%-10% slopes. Not that much of a hard walk along each of the slopes.