a curious one huh


                            that’s okay i    
                            like curious people


“What does it mean to be childish, child-like, immature?

We imagine negatives, unpleasantries, things we wish to distance ourselves from. But at what point in our lives did we find innocence to be a disability? Something to hinder us from life and happiness. It’s a peculiar human trait that we are always finding ways to move “forward”. It’s an endless search for meaning to everything and anything. There’s never a moment of rest. No time to play. Consequently, architecture made its shift from serving humanity to being served. Where it once existed as shelter and escape, it now lives as a complex entity to be awe-stricken with. This architecture speaks in tongues and tries to play God, but it only creates a spectacle of itself. It calls and competes for attention in an already over-stimulating world, often neglecting its most basic purposes in favor of attempting to puppeteer people. Architecture must pull away from the desire play God and instead return to being the servant. It has evolved from being merely shelter, but somehow still lacks a focus on human need.

There’s a lack of architecture that doesn’t seek to be a means to an end-- open-ended architecture that serves merely as a guide. This architecture should act as a fairy godmother, revealing the everyday-mundane to be something astonishing, exposing the delicate intertwining of lives. But it shouldn’t tell, only simply guide and suggest. This simple suggestion tries be the seed of innocence, and it can only hope to bear fruit to the return of a childish imagination and play.

Finally, a place to rest.“


A very fine line wants to gently intrude upon the capital driven life of downtown Los Angeles and provide something (kind of) new, but not overwhelming in a already very saturated and stimulating environment. These intrusions try to reframe the typical and normal every day to show that any place, any moment is something to think of as worth your time.

The spectacle isn’t the architecture itself, but what you make of it and how you experience it. Some people might not feel anything special. Some people might have the worst time. And some people might keep coming back for more. The world is your oyster...or maybe it’s an avocado...maybe even the cell and you’re the mitchondria...either way, the world is what you make of it. It’s time to be weird and daydream again and to stop giving any $$$$ about anything.

Let’s be kids again, okay?

This thesis will be your guide :-)

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