here begins the puzzle

The contemporary built environment appears to be a rational and legible modernist space, but is actually entangled within invisible networks, in which surveillance and other forms of individual exposure are rendered obscure. This paradoxical space prioritizes efficiency and convenience over privacy, supporting the illusion of freedom while enforcing what Michel Foucault described as a “society of control.”

The Shuffling Labyrinth provides an opportunity to cultivate a new sensibility, by creating a virtual space that gives form to previously obscure conditions of control and surveillance. This enables individuals to develop new tactics in response. Components in the labyrinth are reconfigurable and mobile. Their placements change periodically, which urges individuals to stay alert with respect to their surroundings. By adapting to this ever-changing space, individuals learn new ways of maneuvering, which can be applied to the physical realm. This new sensibility produces a subjectivity appropriate to, and affords the agency necessary for, our contemporary control society.