Object gravity is simple enough as a concept (at least compared to other things we’ve talked about). Simply, it is an objects gravitational pull. Do I mean literally? No,(when do I ever in this thesis?) of course not. An objects affinity for human attraction is probably more the definition I’m going for, but that’s not much of a title. 

Things with heavy object gravity usually tend to be landmarks or things of high visual impact. People will gravitate towards them, whether by instinct or ease of location, or by curiosity. 

Object gravity is not one of your training wheels but more one of mine. This thesis wants to use the tendencies of object gravity in order to will people into the project. But how do you do that without being flashy or obvious? Well, we have Olafur Eliasson for that.

Olafur Eliasson is basically the godfather of this project. He seeks a proactive subject (which you will see is the last section of this writing) and looks for ways to challenge how the user thinks. His projects also produce surprising results, showing how the human psyche is not always as straightforward and logical as one might think.

This thesis wants to take those results and the weirdness of human nature and sort of use object gravity to “abuse” it, in a way. Maybe not with such negative connotations though.Things are just gonna get weird.

Image to the right is the Tokyu Plaza in Shibuya. Lots of people gather here to take pictures, stare at the mirrors, and to hang out.

Other images shown are of Olafur Eliasson’s work.
Top: Waterfall in Versailles, a waterfall appearing to come from thin air.
Bottom: The Weather Project, people gathering under the “warmth” of a sun, in a cold industrial space.